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Aquatic & Invasive Plant Control of Florida provides lake management and pond management services. All our work is accomplished by knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are professionally licensed and insured. We are small enough to provide personalized service to meet your specific, individual needs. We have the know-how, the equipment, and the capabilities to tackle even the largest management challenges. Whether you have a small private pond or are the caretaker for a large public body of water, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and attend any meetings to discuss solutions for your lake management and pond management needs.

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Lake And Pond Management

Other Services We Provide
Erosion Control - Aquatic Invasive
Erosion Control

Are you having a problem with erosion? We have solutions for every situation. From temporary installations to permanent solutions. Restoring shoreline and stabilizing your property back to its original condition are a few of the solutions we provide. Our modular system allows for custom fitting along uneven shorelines and natural obstacles without disturbing the existing natural environment.

Pond Fountain

We offer fountains in various sizes and patterns to fit the needs and look for your lakes and ponds. All our fountains are constructed to withstand the harsh minerals found in Florida’s water. We warranty all of our work. Already have a fountain and need maintenance or repairs? We can do that as well!

Native Planting - Aquatic Invasive
Native Planting

Since man has been clearing land to build cities, towns, and farms, a great deal of natural wildlife habitat has been altered or destroyed. Because of this, many of the native species of wildlife that once thrived in certain areas of Florida have had to find other places to live. Or an invasive plant species has decided to take root on your land.

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